Guns N Roses fan suing Axl Rose for dental surgery

By Live4ever - Posted on 14 Mar 2013 at 12:09pm

A Guns N Roses fan is suing Axl Rose after being injured by an errant microphone during the band’s tour of Australia.

Axl Rose threw his microphone into the crowd during a recent gig in Perth, and in doing so reportedly broke two of front-rower Darren Wright’s teeth. As a result, he is now suing the singer for around $5100 in a bid to get them fixed.

“With the bright lights and explosions, I couldn’t see anything,” Wright has said. “The next thing I knew, I was whacked in the mouth. I thought I had been punched. I was quite stunned and it took a few seconds to realize what was going on. I could feel bits of teeth in my mouth. Then someone is climbing through my legs to grab the microphone.”

”I don’t think he intended to do it, but it came at me at a fairly flat and hard trajectory. Those cordless microphones are not light. I’m surprised it didn’t do more damage,” he said. “At the very least, I want someone to pay to get my teeth fixed.”

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