Underworld’s Karl Hyde announces debut solo album

By Live4ever - Posted on 25 Jan 2013 at 4:58am

Karl Hyde of electronic heroes Underworld will release his debut solo album ‘Edgeland‘ on April 22nd.

The record has been co-produced by Leo Abrahams and is described by Hyde as reflecting his growling love of cityscapes and the hum of everyday life.

“For over twenty years, my love of cityscapes has grown and grown,” he has said.

“The beauty of decay, tyre marks, crude graffiti, industrial noise, overheard conversations, epidemics of coffee bars and nights on the back seat being driven through cities by drivers who never sleep. A celebration of people’s idiosyncrasies, mapping out my journeys with the stories they tell, edgelands where city meets scrub, where ragged ponies grazed annexed fields and the air smells chemical.”

In various forms, Underworld had been active for over a decade before a remix of their 1995 single ‘Born Slippy‘ was included on the Trainspotting film soundtrack; subsequently becoming a huge hit around the world when cementing its status as one of the seminal anthems of the era.

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