Pete Doherty recording new Babyshambles album

By Live4ever - Posted on 23 Jan 2013 at 2:39am

Pete Doherty is currently recording a new Babyshambles album with producer Stephen Street, the band’s bass player Drew McConnell has told NME.

According to McConnell, Doherty had originally intended to write a second solo LP after 2009’s ‘Grace/Wastelands‘, but instead saw the sessions evolve into a Babyshambles project, opening the door for a first album from the collective since ‘Shotter’s Nation‘ arrived in the October of 2007.

Recent Stereophonics addition Jamie Morrison has apparently been taking up drumming duties in the studio in the wake of Adam Ficek‘s departure in 2010, while guitarist Mick Whitnall, keyboard player Stephen Large and John Robinson all return.

The chances of Pete Doherty replicating his Babyshambles return with The Libertines seemed to grow last summer when he revealed he and former bandmate Carl Barat were planning to meet up for writing sessions in both Paris and Thailand.

“I’m just going home, since I got back from Thailand I haven’t been home, just lurking in London,” he told online TV show Hernu & Harris. “I need to go home to put my feet up.”

“I spoke to Carl last night and he’s going to come out to Paris tomorrow and maybe we’ll go back out to Thailand together and do some writing.”

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