Bob Geldof reforms The Boomtown Rats for Isle Of Wight appearance

By Live4ever - Posted on 28 Jan 2013 at 5:23am

Bob Geldof has reformed The Boomtown Rats for an appearance at this year’s Isle Of Wight festival.

“Playing again with The Rats and doing those great songs again will be exciting afresh,” Geldof has said.

“We were an amazing band and I just feel it’s the right time to re-Rat, to go back to Boomtown for a visit. Also, I’ve always fancied playing the Isle of Wight Festival ever since I hitched there in the good/bad days when I was a kid.”

The band enjoyed some significant commercial success in the UK before their split in the mid-80s, including the number one singles ‘Rat Trap‘ and ‘I Don’t Like Mondays‘. Since then, Bob Geldof has released a string of solo albums and become famous for his charity efforts, particularly the Live Aid and Live 8 fundraising concerts.

“I saw The Who, Doors (I think) Hendrix and Leonard Cohen, who incidentally blew Hendrix off the stage, and Kris Kristofferson, who was also amazing – God, so many cool bands,” Geldof continues on his Isle Of Wight experiences.

“I also told several very boring frog anarchist types to go and f**k themselves and then stayed for a night in Hawkwind’s tent. That’s pretty IOW. Maybe Hawkwind are playing again this year. Maybe I could use the tent again. It will be a privilege to be on that stage especially with a killer band like The Boomtown Rats.”

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