Live4ever Presents: The Waves Of Fury

By Live4ever - Posted on 27 Aug 2012 at 8:08am

Somewhere, someplace among the rolling meadows of Somerset comes the sound of chaos. Pure and bitter chaos.

Thrusting their guitars and vocal chords forth with a polarising conviction that deliciously reflects their name, it seems that young upstarts The Waves of Fury are wholly responsible for this. Five knuckleheads who for whatever reason are dissatisfied with the world around with them, they embrace classic rock roots and inject a biting force of aggression into the formula.

Boasting impressive taglines such as ‘Steppenwolf jamming with The Commodores’ and ‘Gothgaze meets zombie rock’, the group have come quite some way throughout their short existence, with last years ‘Blood In Fury‘ EP turning heads to anyone that would listen. And with the grinding and chaotic grittiness of new single ‘Businessman’s Guide to Witchcraft’ upon us, it’s only a matter of time before the world follows suit.

Upon first impression you get the feeling that Waves of Fury are setting themselves up as the kind of band who will become epochal for the ages, trend setters who will trade on a cartoonish incantation of rebellion for years to come. Like the Stones, the Clash and the Sex Pistols before them, they seem persistent to convince us that yet another punk revolution is on the horizon, and it is they who shall be its legendary flag bearers.

Plentifully awash with showpiece guitars and motown horns (yes, a British guitar group who embrace horns, what took them so long?) that cut through fiercely incoherent yet powerful vocals, ‘Businessman’s Guide…’ harks back to the dawn of upbeat rock n roll from the sixties, sounding like a messier version of The Loved Ones with the instrumental sensibilities of The Clash.

Waves Of Fury by 9PR Soundcloud

The recording itself, laid down in PJ Harvey’s very own studio, is so raw that is sounds insanely animated, as if the group are playing three feet away from you in your very own living room. Such is the engaging aggression and energy evident in the group’s music; you simply cannot refuse to comply, for Waves of Fury will get to you.

This single is just a mere sample from the group’s hotly anticipated debut album ‘Waves of Fury‘, which will be available shortly. They’re angry, they’re dissatisfied, and they’re hungry for more.

Brace yourselves people, for this is merely the entrée.

(Raphael Hall)


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