Artist Of The Week: Megan Wyn

Press photo of Megan Wyn by Sam Crowston

Megan Wyn by Sam Crowston


Megan Wyn.


Anglesey, North Wales.


I’ve always sang from a very young age and have always have a fascination and passion for music. When I was 11 I trained in opera and joined a choir called Cor Ieuenctid Mon as well as a Welsh language band in school! After years of loving guitar music and playing a bit of everything here and there I decided to dedicate my time in lockdown to learning the guitar and started writing from there.


I’ve never really questioned why I make music to be honest, it’s something I’ve always loved; I’ve always loved writing, performing and expressing myself through music. I’d say people like Stevie Nicks and PJ Harvey are massive inspirations of mine.


I’d say that how I became a solo artist was a natural progression of my early teenage years in music. It was never really a decision I made, it just seemed to happen!


I started playing shows around the UK the summer after doing my GCSEs, but before that I worked in a bakery every Saturday! I then went on to study at a music college and now I’m a music business student at uni.


I’d describe my music as dreamy indie-pop-rock with a bit of a nostalgic feel.


I have loads more songs to be released that I’m completely in love with and so excited for everyone to hear! I hope that the next few years I get to travel to more cities to play shows and play a load more festivals!


I used to write all my songs in Welsh then translate them to English.


I’ve got a headline show coming up in Liverpool on November 3rd. I’m also supporting Andrew Cushin and Swim Deep before the end of the year. I’ve also just released a sophomore single called Familiar Faces which will be followed by loads of new songs in the new year.


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