Tracks Of The Week: Saloon Dion, English Teacher and more

Press photo of Saloon Dion by Seren Prichard Bland

Saloon Dion by Seren Carys


Saloon Dion have started down the road towards their debut EP with the release of I Don’t Feel via Mucker Records.

“I Don’t Feel is a song about being reluctant to seek help from others,” the band said.

“What it isn’t, is a song about having no feeling, but more of choosing what to feel and when to feel it. It speaks of the barriers we all put up to protect ourselves, no matter the damage they may do in the long run.”

Unloved have got another new LP in the pipeline after the release of The Pink Album in September last year.

Polychrome will feature eight tracks recorded at the same time as The Pink Album, and is due for release on February 24th via Heavenly Recordings.

The video for ‘I did it’ was directed by Julian House, while its choreographer Jack William Parry has said: “In my head, each song Unloved produce has a very clear movement style and physicality, even if not overtly. There is always a mood that doesn’t need articulating, you just feel it.”

Grandmas House have unveiled their new single Desire with their next EP Who Am I confirmed for release on March 3rd.

“Desire is about meeting someone new and being immediately intrigued by them,” the band said. “The track focuses on the confusion surrounding infatuation and trying to keep yourself grounded at the same time.”

They’re due to start a tour of the UK on the evening of Who Am I’s release, and will also visit Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leicester, Manchester, Cardiff, London and Brighton that month.

Willie J Healey has premiered the collaboration with Jamie T which is due to feature on his forthcoming Bunny LP.

“I was tired and flat and didn’t know what to make & then my friend Jamie said ay willie I’ve got this drum machine it might inspire you,” he’s said of the single.

“I picked it up and wrote Thank You the next day, it was my way of thanking Jamie for being a good friend. I dedicate it to anyone trying to do their own thing.”

English Teacher have teamed up with Speedy Wunder wizard Dan Carey on their new single Song About Love.

“It’s a pop song about doing chores instead of doing someone else, and how even songs with social or political themes that analyse contemporary discourse, rather than lyricism about tired themes like romantic love, still come from a place of love, or lack thereof,” Lily Fontaine said.

“The final record is one of the first takes we did in the studio, thanks to the atmosphere Dan and Speedy create to work in. It was a relief to finally get into the room and discuss our music and music in general; what came out the other end certainly couldn’t have happened in another space, with another producer or on another day.”

Adeleye Omotayo is the latest guest of Gorillaz, adding vocals to Silent Running – a track which Damon Albarn believes has that, ‘sort of mesmerising dreamlike state you get in when you’re just following some train of thought’.

Meanwhile, after recently completing a world tour which took in 1.5 million fans across 24 countries, Albarn is set to take his virtual band back to the US for appearances at the two Coachella weekends.

‘Surprise guests’ are promised for the shows on Friday, April 14th and Friday the 21st.

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