Yung frontman Holm shares The Rope from debut solo album

Holm by Daniel Hjorth

Holm by Daniel Hjorth

“When I write songs for Holm, I’m single! It feels like a playground; to me, it’s all about having fun.”

Yung frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær has unveiled The Rope from his debut solo album Why Don’t You Dance.

Operating solo as Holm, he’ll put the record out on January 28th after working with his Yung bandmate Tobias Guldborg Tarp, who acted as co-producer with Neil R. Young.

“I’d never included a lyric sheet with anything I’d ever done until Ongoing Dispute,” Silkjær says. “I’d never felt confident enough in my writing. But when I finished that record, I’d realised how important my lyrics are to my songs, so I decided that for these Holm tracks, I’d be as brutally honest as I could with them.”

“It was intimidating; I tuck a lot of things away in life. I’m not somebody who shares a lot naturally. These are the most honest words I’ve ever written, and I’m nervous about exposing myself with them, but the process was very therapeutic. I learned a lot about myself.”

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