The Slow Show pick Breathe as latest track from new album Still Life

The Slow Show

“’Breathe’ was a difficult song,” The Slow Show’s Robert Goodwin says. “It is full of feeling and it touches on difficult topics, so we spent a long time thinking about the best way to approach the song.”

The Slow Show have picked Breathe to be the fourth track taken from their Still Life album which is out on February 4th.

Taking its cue from the turbulent year of 2020 – directly referencing John Boyega’s address to the Black Lives Matter protest in London that year – the track also further showcases the change in direction taken on this new record.

“We did develop our sound,” Goodwin continues. ‘We had to try something else. We felt we owed that to ourselves, and to the people that come and enjoy the music. We explored a lot of stuff: different sounds, different feelings, different ideas, different processes as well.”

“Some of them didn’t work at all, but some did. It was difficult and challenging, but it felt good in the end.”

Still Life tracklist:

Anybody Else Inside
Rare Bird
Woven Blue
Blue Nights
Hey Lover
Who Knows

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