JOHN post video for Stadium Of No

JOHN by Paul Grace

JOHN by Paul Grace

JOHN release their new album this Friday.

JOHN have posted a video for Stadium Of No shortly before Nocturnal Manoeuvres is due out on October 8th.

“In parallel to the recurring motif of twenty-four hour work that runs throughout the album’s track listing, stadiums appear as hopelessly redundant monuments when they’re empty – only activated by the bodies that inhabit them,” John Newton says.

“The song’s a nod to the often-overwhelming conditions of our present: a stadium-like crowd of opinions trying to shout on top of one another.”

“There’s a real mechanical quality to the instrumentation in the song – it’s almost got shades of Devo in there,” John Healey adds.

“I feel there’s an interesting contradiction between the human strive for metronomic perfection and the reality of our biology. There’s simply no way we can be flawless when our bodies are in constant change.”

In our 7/10 review of Nocturnal Manoeuvres, Live4ever summed up the album as one with ‘an intensity that never smothers’.

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