Baxter Dury unveils best of album Mr Maserati 2001 To 2021

Baxter Dury by Steve Gullick

Baxter Dury by Steve Gullick

Baxter Dury has also included a brand new song entitled D.O.A..

Baxter Dury will release a best of collection entitled Mr Maserati 2001 To 2021 on December 3rd.

Rounded off by D.O.A., the 12-strong tracklist picks out highlights from the past decade of Dury’s solo career. “The work evolves, doesn’t it, as you evolve,” he reflects. “We evolve and things change. It’s about catching up with yourself, culturally. Where you want to be and who you are.”

According to Dury, this part of his career has seen him join a throng of ‘blokey talky bands’ such as Fat White Family and Sleaford Mods who are, ‘all thinking the same thing’: “I think all of us think we’re not a part of that scene, like, ‘I’m not a blokey talker!’.”

“We’re all really competitive. Everyone’s writing a book, writing a film. People who run bands are always competitive.”

Mr Maserati 2001 To 2021 tracklist:

I’m Not Your Dog
Leak at The Disco
Cocaine Man
Palm Trees
Oscar Brown
Other Men’s Girls
Carla’s Got a Boyfriend
Prince of Tears

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