Bambara announce new mini-album Love On My Mind

Bambara by Pooneh Ghana

Bambara by Pooneh Ghana

Bambara will be supporting Idles around Europe next year.

Having seen the momentum behind Stray – a Live4ever album of the year in 2020 – stalled by the pandemic, Bambara made sure they put their unexpected spare time to good use.

The result will be Love On My Mind, a six-song mini-album which has been set for release on February 25th. “In Mythic Love we see the two protagonists of the record meet for the first time,” Reid Bateh says of the first single.

“There’s an immediate attraction that seems almost out of their control. The song is about riding that first manic wave of infatuation wherever it leads, dismantling all of your previous associations with love along the way.”

Also on the mini-album are Slither In The Rain, Birds, Point And Shoot, Feel Like A Funeral and Little Wars, each contributing to a more personal lyrical theme according Bateh.

“There’s more of a focus on realism,” he continues. “I think part of that was because I’d become zoned in on photography during lockdown. Being in NYC without being able to actually experience it made me search for representations of the way it feels to be running around in the city.

“And I found that in photographs. Mainly, Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin. This also influenced the decision to make one of the characters in the story a photographer, presenting pieces of the story through her snapshots.”

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