W.H. Lung share visuals for new single Gd Tym

W. H. Lung by Adrian Davies

W. H. Lung by Adrian Davies

W.H. Lung are following up their essential 2019 debut album Incidental Music.

Gd Tym has been picked by W.H. Lung as the latest preview of their new LP Vanities, which is now due on October 8th.

Joe Evans co-directed the video, and says he wanted it to, ‘celebrate the central message of the song which rejoices in dancing and freedom and expression’.

“I knew it had to be drag. We were so blessed to work with the amazing Dylan who brought such an elegance, glamour and vitality to their performance.”

The video was filmed in the Calder Valley close to Todmorden, a town the band called home during the writing of the new album.

“These are the real-life people and places from the period of our lives that informed the writing of this album,” Evans adds. “It’s a real joy to be able to pay homage to this these people and this scenery and here too.”

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