Big Red Machine are streaming new single Mimi

Big Red Machine by Graham Tolbert

Big Red Machine by Graham Tolbert

The second Big Red Machine album is due on August 27th.

Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon are streaming Mimi from their upcoming Big Red Machine LP How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?.

Next up in the long-line of guests who are making an appearance on the album is prolific singer/songwriter Ilsey Juber.

“I named this song Mimi for my youngest daughter,” Dessner explains. “I was thinking about how grateful I am for my children and how they light up even the darkest days.”

“Justin, Ilsey and I wrote words and melodies to this in isolation and we decided to interweave them, like characters in a book, full of longing and gratitude. Later James Krivchenia came to visit and brought the song further to life with his drums.”

“Musically I feel like maybe we were seeking the open air and road of a Tom Petty song, just accidentally in an odd meter. So grateful to Ilsey for joining this collaboration – it felt so natural and joyful.”

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