Langkamer post Humdinger single from new album West Country


Langkamer recorded their debut album in Bristol during the locked-down summer of 2020.

Langkamer have premiered the video for Humdinger, taken from their West Country LP which is due for release on September 10th.

“Humdinger is a cautionary tale about the dangers of monotony. It’s about putting off the things you really want to do because you’re too busy doing things you don’t really want to do,” the band say.

“We humans are creatures of habit, that’s for sure, but all the best things happen when you break those habits. I guess this is something of a call to arms.”

“With the video I wanted to satirise the promotional corporate hellscape, to poke fun at the world of work using ludicrous scenes that make almost as little sense as capitalism itself.”

“We filmed on the hottest day of the year and every member of the cast and crew suffered from varying degrees of heatstroke. This probably added to the delirium somewhat.”

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