Fenne Lily to release new acoustic EP BREECH

Fenne Lily by Lovisa Lager

Fenne Lily by Lovisa Lager

Fenne Lily will release it on August 6th.

Fenne Lily has announced the release of a new EP entitled BREECH, containing acoustic versions of four songs which first featured on last year’s BREACH album.

“I wrote BREACH with the intention of playing it live and big, but when my world got smaller it seemed right that these songs should get smaller too,” Lily says.

“Tracking these songs in one take and quietly; taking them back to how they started when I wrote them — it felt right. Like risk free time travel.”

A cover of Taken by MUNA is also to be included on the EP, but the first example of the re-recorded tunes comes in the form of I, Nietzsche.

“Without playing these songs live, I suddenly wondered whether they stood up as songs by themselves — without the band, without production. I, Nietzsche especially.”

“For a song written about a guy who used to read me the Unabomber manifesto while I fell asleep, it was a nice surprise to discover it can be sweet and soothing.”

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