Death From Above 1979 post video for Modern Guy

Death From Above 1979 by Norman Wong

Death From Above 1979 by Norman Wong

Death From Above 1979 released their fourth studio album last March.

Death From Above 1979 have shared their video for Modern Guy, the opening track from Is 4 Lovers, directed by Alex P Smith and filmed in Hamilton, Ontario.

“At first things don’t seem to have changed; opener Modern Guy treats us to a squall of feedback and some tribal sounding drums before launching into their familiar thrashy, trashy mode of decibel stacking electro-rock,” Live4ever’s review said of the song.

“Shifts come gradually; One + One is, the pair have said, a natural sequel to 2004’s Romantic Nights, Exhibit A being, ‘One plus one it’s three, that’s magic/You and me it’s so romantic’, but still throbs with that primal sex beat we know and love, while Free Animal also finds the beast again yet to be put back in its cage.”

Meanwhile, after some festival dates this year the duo will head into 2022 with eyes on a North American tour scheduled for the spring.

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