The Lathums release Sefton Park gig as live album

The Lathums by Ewan Ogden

The Lathums by Ewan Ogden

The Lathums were involved in the successful pilot event which was a part of the UK government’s Events Research Programme.

However long The Lathums stick around for, and we hope it’s a long time yet, they’re unlikely to ever again be involved in a concert that carried quite the amount of significance which the recent one at Sefton Park did.

Alex Moore of the band has recognised as much upon the release of their performance as a live album which is streaming online now.

“It’s only now, knowing that everybody could enjoy themselves and it remain safe, that the picture is complete and we’re so grateful to have been there,” Moore said.

“The atmosphere at Sefton Park before the show was a real buzz and then our time on stage went so quickly. The feeling afterwards will never leave me, just overjoyed to have played our songs to that many people and for that many people to respond so generously.”

“It was a privilege for all of us.”

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