The Go! Team share new cut A Bee Without Its Sting

The Go! Team

The Go! Team will put out Get Up Sequences Part One on July 2nd.

Jessie Miller and Rian Woods of the Detroit Academy For Arts And Sciences Choir, and Ninja and Niadzi Muzira all feature as guest vocalists on the new single from The Go! Team.

“When I was working on the last Go! Team record Semicircle, I approached the choir leader of a Detroit school called the Detroit Academy For Arts And Sciences Choir – Miss Kee and asked if any of her students were interested in singing on a Go! Team song,” Ian Parton recalls.

“So when it came to finding the singer for a new song called A Bee Without Its Sting I thought again of a Detroit teenager and again asked Miss Kee. One of the singers was a teenager called Jessie Miller whose voice was perfect for the song. Not a pro singer and never been into a recording studio.”

“I’m always leaning towards voices that are imperfect, unaffected, bedroom-y but full of character.”

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