Sigrid unveils new single and video Mirror

Sigrid by Alex Sarda

Sigrid by Alex Sarda

Sigrid had been in LA working on the follow-up to 2019’s Sucker Punch.

Sigrid has shared her new single Mirror, a track which emerged after her return to Norway from Los Angeles as the pandemic took hold.

It comes with a video directed by Femke Huurdeman on which, Sigrid has said, they ‘wanted to explore how conflicting it can feel to have different sides of yourself competing against each other, and not working together’.

And as I can’t stand still whilst singing, there’s a lot of dancing, running, driving – you can tell I had a great time on the shoot.”

“It can be quite liberating to reinvent yourself after getting out of a relationship,” Huurdeman added. “This journey of finding your core, coming to terms with who you are and radiating this from oneself is at the heart of the concept of the video.”

“For me, it’s always important to showcase a 3-dimensional image of a character. We built together on a language of movements, and different moods for each scene, all rooted in Sigrid’s own style of performing.”

“She can be empowering, humorous, sensitive, playful, captivating and bold, and that’s something I think you can feel throughout the video.”

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