Night Beats unveil latest Outlaw R&B track Revolution

Night Beats

The new Night Beats album has been delayed to June 4th.

“Revolution can take many forms,” Danny Lee Blackwell has said after unveiling the latest from his forthcoming Night Beats record Outlaw R&B.

” I wanted to explore the different dimensions of the word and how it plays out in our minds. From bliss inducing self-liberation to the false consciousness of a serial killer, Revolution is a profound ability of our minds.”

“The song takes new meanings through the video. The character is clearly conflicted, troubled over what he’s done or is about to do. But the process or revolution in his mind has brought him to this parking lot, while his prey remains trapped in the trunk of his green 71′ Chevelle.”

“You are entering into another dimension, one of sound, one of sight, a dimension of the mind,” he added on the video. “You are led into a land of both shadow and substance.

“A bump in the trunk of the mind. ‘Revolution’ is yours for the taking, but take heed as the noxious fumes emanating from the pitfalls of the mind are sweet.”

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