ME REX post animated video for Heart Of Garbage

Me Rex
ME REX are led by songwriter Myles McCabe.

ME REX have posted an animated video for Heart Of Garbage, taken from their most recent EP Stegosaurus.

“The central metaphor is of a plant trying to grow in a poisonous environment,” McCabe says of the track. “The song is about digging out space, providing light and clean water, trying to create the circumstances under which growth can happen.”

“I like to include jokes and wordplay because I enjoy writing these things in, but also to undercut the idea that this kind of thing can only be discussed in strictly sombre terms,” McCabe continues on his songwriting.

“The process of developing my own health and recovery is for me a joyful one and I think that should be reflected when talking about it. I like to make my verses quite dense with ideas and images, so that a listener might not be able to take it all in at once.”

“This leaves them to draw connections between the ideas that do stick out, this can give more space for interpretations that will change over repeat listens.”

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