The Killers’ Dave Keuning announces new solo album A Mild Case Of Everything

Dave Keuning by Dana Trippe

Dave Keuning by Dana Trippe

Dave Keuning released his debut solo album in 2019.

The Killers’ guitarist Dave Keuning will put out A Mild Case Of Everything on his Pretty Faithful Records label on June 25th.

Keuning’s second solo effort is being previewed with Ends Of The Earth after writing and recording sessions at home in San Diego last year.

“I was just playing acoustic one night and I had those chords,” he says of the single. “I actually played an electric guitar in Nashville tuning so it’s very trebly sounding. And it really brought out those chords. It came together pretty fast.”

A Mild Case of Everything tracklist:

From Stardust
Ends of the Earth
The Fountain
Time and Fury
Bad Instincts
No One Is Calling You A Liar
Hangman On The Ocean
On The Ground
Peace And Love
Don’t Poke The Bear
We All Go Home
What Do Ya Want From Me
World’s On Fire
Lost Cause Holiday
You Can Stay
Shake Well

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