The Clockworks post new track Feels So Real

The Clockworks

The Clockworks get the first release on on Alan Mcgee’s It’s Creation Baby imprint.

The Clockworks have shared their new track Feels So Real.

“The idea for this song was to soundtrack a certain feeling, a rapture or excitement, for the lyrics to set the scene and the music to set the feeling,” James McGregor says.

“This song is essentially about how all the things that make up the city; the good, the bad and the ugly are all what make it exciting. In a way it could be about finding hope in hopeless circumstances.”

The Clockworks featured in our Presents series back in November 2019…back when we could still enjoy live music:

“Their gig at the Bristol Trinity Centre is a tour de force – eight short, sharp bursts of rock energy that are angular and muscular at the same time,” the review reads.

“Of the familiar songs, Bills And Pills is a frenetic ocean of noise, while Can I Speak To A Manager? sounds titanic, with excellently dexterous bass heard above the all-consuming sound.”

“Better yet are the songs to come; Rumours In The Stockroom and Stranded In Stansted are watertight anthems. The Clockworks are professional without being pretentious, and clearly mean business.”

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