Live4ever Presents: Blondes



We are Will (vocals, keys), Alex (guitar, bass), Stroudy (guitar), Tom (bass, keys).


Nottingham! Individually we’re all from different ends of the country; Will from Kent, Alex from London, Stroudy from Chester and Tom from Lincoln. As a band though, we met as students at the University of Nottingham and have lived here since.


We try to pull influences from across loads of different genres! But our biggest influences at the moment would probably be New Order, DMAs and Easy Life, if I had to name a handful.


We formed in 2017 through a music society at the University of Nottingham. Alex actually missed the first rehearsal and nearly didn’t join at all. Tom was originally our almost-manager and was drafted in to play bass because our old drummer broke his arm and we had to completely rearrange our parts. We very nearly had a very different line-up altogether.


Will has a degree in Architectural and Environmental Engineering and was formerly a Deliveroo driver. Tom and Alex both have degrees in History; Stroudy has an MA in Computer Science. All three of us work for a cocktail bar franchise called Bunk. God knows how we ended up becoming best mates. If it wasn’t for a mutual love of the same music we’d probably never have met each other.


Euphoric indie pop! It’s about capturing the reckless highs of adolescence and the wistful nostalgia of growing older.


Headline Glastonbury! 2025 here we come!

Did you know?

We’ve played some really dreadful shows in the past: our first ever gig was a Battle Of The Bands on a farm, our Uber driver accidentally ran over a chicken on the way and it was all downhill from there really.

What’s next?

We’ve got another single lined up very very soon, and we’re really excited to be booking shows for this summer! There’s so much uncertainty around at the moment so we can’t give any details away, but if all goes to plan then 2021 will be a very exciting year for Blondes!


With an evocative, yearning guitar built around a lick of the kind which Robert Smith or Johnny Marr would be proud, Coming Of Age manages to create a feeling of instant nostalgia, a soundtrack to looking at life so far through a sepia-tinted filter before moving forward to pastures new. There may never have been a song title that captures the mood of a song quite so accurately.


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