Listen to Fyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots’ new solo EP The Birdwatcher

Fyfe Dangerfield

Fyfe Dangerfield won Mercury Prize and Brit Awards nominations in the 2000s with Guillemots.

Fyfe Dangerfield of Guillemots released his solo EP The Birdwatcher this week – have a listen right here.

This marks his first batch of new music in a decade, its creation the first time he, ‘really felt able to capture how music sounds in his head, with no filter’.

“Just having the space and time alone at my studio, to let the music morph and evolve in its own curious ways, at its own pace…it’s been the most magical adventure,” Dangerfield continues.

This release is part of the burgeoning – a sort of Apple Records for the digital age.

“We casually share informal photos of ourselves all the time these days, and I need to be able to operate the same way creatively,” Dangerfield explains.

“To happily show myself in my musical pyjamas, rather than only ever presenting the smartened up ‘first date’ version of myself to the world.”

“So Channels May Change is that open station for me, where all the strangest, most oddly-shaped ideas that make no rational sense but still tickle me can reside, without them feeling like their only option is to have to jostle and hustle for living quarters on a more conventional release.”


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