NewDad post latest Waves EP cut Slowly


The debut NewDad EP is out on March 26th.

Galway’s NewDad have made their 2021 entrance with Slowly, the latest from the forthcoming Waves EP.

“It’s a song about a person admitting their feelings for you with no follow through, and the feelings of uncertainty that surround that,” the band say.

“It’s one of our more energetic songs, and the whole song moves quite frantically around the drums to convey the feeling of confusion when you go through this.”

“For a song called slowly we sure do play it fast and it hurts Áindle’s hands to play. It was definitely one of our roughest demos but Chris really helped to turn it into one of our favourite songs on the EP.”

The ‘Chris’ refers to producer Chris Ryan, whom the band have recorded the EP with; it’ll also contain Drown, I Don’t Recognise You, Blue, Hide and the title-track.

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