Manchester Orchestra announce new album The Million Masks Of God

Manchester Orchestra by Shervin Lainez

Manchester Orchestra by Shervin Lainez

Manchester Orchestra will release it on April 30th.

Manchester Orchestra have announced the details of their new album with its first single Bed Head.

The Million Masks Of God ‘explores the loose story of a man’s encounter with the angel of death’, something which became all the poignant for Robert McDowell as his father battled cancer.

“It started off really abstract, but as Robert’s dad’s fight with cancer got harder and harder those last couple years, I started making parallels in my mind to what I was actually writing about,” songwriting partner Andy Hull explains.

“It became an examination of my own faith. While Robert’s dad’s story certainly influenced this album, it’s equally about me coming to grips with the realness of adulthood and that there’s an expiration date to all of this—and how you’re going to live your life knowing that.”

The Million Masks of God tracklist:

Angel Of Death
Keel Timing
Bed Head
Let It Storm
Way Back
The Internet

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