Goat Girl share live version of The Crack ahead of new album release

Goat Girl by Holly Whitaker

Goat Girl by Holly Whitaker

“The Crack emerged from an imagined post-apocalyptic world whereby people flee into space for a new life on an unruined planet, as the result of the pillaging of planet Earth,” Goat Girl say.

With their new album on On All Fours due on January 29th, and the opportunity to tour still on hold, Goal Girl have shared a live version of its latest single The Crack, recorded at the Nunhead Alhambra.

On All Fours was produced by Speedy Wunder wizard Dan Carey during London recording sessions in early 2020; “We were writing with synth quite a lot, it was an integral part of the writing process,” the band told Live4ever in an exclusive interview.

“We changed around our instruments a lot as well. Most of the time we were writing, someone was playing keys, so it went from there.”

“Dan helped us translate it into the recording process. We hadn’t played with a click before because it didn’t suit the band, but when we played it with Dan we did some pre-production.”

“Dan helped us make some beats on a sampler, and Rosy was playing along with that which made it feel more natural than a cold click. That made it work and that was his idea.”

Goat Girl also have a livestream event from Rough Trade planned for January 27th.

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