Georgia posts cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill

Georgia by Ryan Saradjola

Georgia by Ryan Saradjola

Georgia is releasing an ‘Ultimate Thrills Edition’ of this year’s album with new remixes.

After starting 2020 by releasing her Thrills LP and going on to secure a Mercury Prize nomination, Georgia is ending it with a cover of Kate Bush‘s Running Up That Hill as the record gets an expanded reappraisal.

“Closing my live sets with Running Up That Hill has been a pure joy, and it sparked the idea to record it,” Georgia says. “But, it didn’t start there, Kate Bush has been part of my life and a major influence on my work since I could sing a note.

“Her music was always played by both my mum and dad, and when I began to understand the way that sound and production worked, I embarked on my own intimate and personal journey with her music. For me, it was more than just a cover, it was emotional, and an experience I’ll always treasure.”

“It has always been my dream to somehow find a way to create a dance for a Kate Bush song,” the video’s director Sid Barnes says. “This project with my sister, Georgia, came as both a privilege and an exciting challenge!”

“The goal was to try and touch upon Kate’s spirit, to try and not just reproduce her as an icon, but rather use dance to find an even deeper connection to her work.”

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