Django Django confirm new album Glowing In The Dark

Django Django performing in Aberdeen (Kayleigh Morrison / Live4ever)

Django Django performing in Aberdeen (Kayleigh Morrison / Live4ever)

It’s Django Django’s first album since 2018.

After returning in September with Spirals, Django Django have confirmed the details of their new album Glowing In The Dark.

Set for release on February 12th next year, it’s being previewed today with the title-track which has visuals orchestrated by New York-based artist and illustrator Braulio Amadio.

“I didn’t want to be literal and do something glowing in the dark,, so in my head the video is somewhat an abstract representation of the song title without being too obvious,” the director says.

“I wanted it to feel organic, I wanted to feel trippy, vibrant and colorful. This was done during the pandemic, with Vinny shooting himself on a greenscreen at home with his iphone, so I just wanted to take him out of the weird world and time we are all living through right now and transport him to a more fun place far away from here.”

Glowing In The Dark tracklist:

Right The Wrongs
Got Me Worried
Waking Up (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)
Free From Gravity
The Ark
Night Of The Buffalo
The World Will Turn
Kick The Devil Out
Glowing In The Dark
Hold Fast
Asking For More

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