Run The Jewels hand live debut to RTJ4 during Adult Swim Holy Calamavote appearance

Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels are one of those acts with a landmark 2020 album who’ve been unable to proudly show it off due to circumstances beyond their control, but Killer Mike and El-P were finally able to give RTJ4 a live debut during the weekend when they appeared as part of Adult Swim’s Holy Calamavote special ahead of this year’s US presidential election.

Many tracks were heard up onstage for the first time as the duo performed their fourth record in its entirety, joined by some of its collaborators such as Zack de la Rocha, Josh Homme and Mavis Staples in the process. “There are villains here – racist police, pseudo Christians, the big corporations which have been allowed to become beyond morality – but the set ups are not of the pantomime kind,” our RTJ4 review reads.

“Here on Ju$t, the subjects enslave themselves by embracing a rigged system offering the illusion of equality, while the stain of invisible plutocrats haunt ‘pulling the pin’: ‘These filthy criminals sit at the pinnacle/Doing the typical/Keeping us miserable/Taking the most and providing the minimal’.”

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