Mogwai confirm new album As The Love Continues

Mogwai by Rock Action

Mogwai by Rock Action

Mogwai have confirmed their new album As The Love Continues will be released on February 19th next year.

The band had been intending to record this their tenth studio LP in the United States, but alas due to pandemic restrictions they settled instead in Worcestershire as producer Dave Fridmann got on with his work on the other side of the Atlantic.

Stuart Braithwaite now hopes this new music, which starts with Dry Fantasy, can ‘take you from somewhere different to where you are, unless you are somewhere really amazing and then why are you listening to some weird music like this?’.

As The Love Continues tracklist:

To The Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth
Here We, Here We, Here We Go Forever
Dry Fantasy
Ritchie Sacramento
Drive The Nail
Fuck Off Money
Ceiling Granny
Midnight Flit
Pat Stains
Supposedly, We Were Nightmares
It’s What I Want To Do, Mum

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