Album Of The Week: Will Butler – Generations


Our pick of the albums reviewed on these pages this week is Generations, the latest solo offering from Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist Will Butler – here’s your chance to revisit the review and check out the LP via Spotify.

“For those of us lucky enough to have witnessed Arcade Fire in full flow, Will Butler has always been the standout performer among their entourage-cum-band.”

“Brother Win and his wife Regine are the lead vocalists and take centre-stage, but the more interesting spectacle is always watching the younger Butler cavort and gallivant around. Whether it’s the Pyramid at Glastonbury or the Roundhouse in Camden, there’s not a square metre of the stage that goes untouched by his presence. But how does this energy translate onto record?”

“With no little ease, it seems. Butler’s solo debut, Policy, was a watered down, scuzzier sibling of his parent band’s Reflector album, and on Generations he continues the pattern. Arcade Fire’s 2017 LP Everything Now was defined by its disco-house, and whilst the tracks on offer here are slightly less epic, the album confirms that grandiosity runs through the Butler veins.”

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