Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever share live version of Falling Thunder

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever by Peter Ryle

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever by Peter Ryle

We’ll take any live music we can get right now – step forward Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, who’ve performed a lockdown version of Falling Thunder complete with Laura Jean reprising her role on the Sideways To New Italy album track.

Each band member being in their own home space does at least reflect the dominant theme of their second studio record on which, as Live4ever’s review noted, they ‘took the strangeness of familiarity and used it as the fuel’:

“If Hope Downs was a pleasantly retro overdose of eighties’ guitar jangle (Tom Russo, Joe White and Fran Keaney all play), then its follow up is no conscious attempt to pivot away from that,” it reads. “This retracing of steps was apparent from the winsome opening notes of lead single Cars In Space, which despite being about the imminent end of a relationship will still keep fans of R.E.M. and Real Estate particularly happy.”

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