Bastille stream latest single ‘survivin’

Bastille at the Manchester Arena, November 2016 (Gary Mather for Live4ever)

Bastille at the Manchester Arena (Gary Mather for Live4ever)

Bastille have released their second track of the year – entitled ‘survivin’ in that 2020, lower-case fashion – after teaming up with Graham Coxon during the summer on WHAT YOU GONNA DO??? (very much not in that fashion).

That song started a new era for the band as they apparently saw 2019’s Doom Days album as the final part of a trilogy which started with their debut Bad Blood six years earlier, and it continues here with Dan Smith reflecting on times when, ‘he felt like he’d been in a washing machine and on a conveyor belt at the same time’. “But when people asked me how I was doing, the answer was always the British cliché: ‘Yep, all good, fine’,” he adds.

“At the start of lockdown I felt very self-conscious about having written a song that felt relevant when it wasn’t intended to be, but then I also think 2020 is the year we all stopped pretending everything’s fine.”

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