Starsailor frontman James Walsh unveils new EP The Places Where Our Love Begun

James Walsh

“In other circumstances I might have held back these songs, overworked them or waited until the perfect studio environment became available, but I’ve written a set of songs I’m proud of,” Starsailor frontman James Walsh has said after unveiling his new, lockdown EP The Places Where Our Love Begun.

“It’s not usually when you’re proposing on top of the Eiffel Tower,” Walsh has continued on the EP’s title-track, one about ‘the feeling when you know you’re falling in love with someone’.

“It’s when you’re pacing the living room floor waiting for a text back, worrying if a joke or a funny observation has misfired. Organising your day full of distractions so you’re not constantly thinking about this person. It’s an amazing but quite stressful experience. Especially when you’re not fully sure if it’s reciprocated yet.”

The EP will get a digital release on August 21st.

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