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Live4ever Interview: James Walsh on new Starsailor material, Love Is Here anniversary and latest solo EP

Posted on 27 Aug 2020 at 7:49am

We’re now at the stage where the fruits of artists’ labours are coming to pass.

Fortunately for us music lovers, we’ve had many options for entertainment to keep us going during lockdown. Like live-streamed gigs; the good eggs that they are, musicians have often provided their services for charity, and Starsailor frontman James Walsh went straight for the jugular recently, performing a full acoustic version of the band’s debut album Love Is Here to raise funds for the NHS. Even he was surprised by the reaction.

“I think it raised nearly £10,000,” he tells Live4ever during an exclusive interview. “Considering it was just, ‘I’m going to do this and tweet about it and set up a Just Giving page’, I’m really pleased about how that grew through word of mouth. I think because the NHS was under a lot of strain there was a real groundswell of support for it, to do something. To make sure they got a few quid from our bands as well.”

When it’s put it to him that it shouldn’t really have been necessary, Walsh makes a compelling argument in response: “I completely understand the argument, but you can still hold that viewpoint and ethos while campaigning for more government money for the NHS, while also accepting they aren’t getting enough. It doesn’t necessarily let the government off the hook.”

Starsailor frontman James Walsh unveils new EP The Places Where Our Love Begun

Posted on 11 Aug 2020 at 6:47am

“In other circumstances I might have held back these songs, overworked them or waited until the perfect studio environment became available, but I’ve written a set of songs I’m proud of,” Starsailor frontman James Walsh has said after unveiling his new, lockdown EP The Places Where Our Love Begun.

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Former Starsailor frontman James Walsh confirms debut solo album ‘Turning Point’

Posted on 21 Jan 2014 at 5:24am

Former Starsailor frontman James Walsh – who immediately hit a peak with the band when their debut album ‘Love Is Here‘ made a significant dent on the UK charts in 2001 – today (January 21st) announces the details of his own debut album ‘Turning Point‘.

Recorded at Fisher Lane Studios and produced by Harry Rutherford, the LP is released on April 7th through Solo Records and contains eleven tracks:

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