Cucamaras share Window Seat, second part of new double A-side single


Recent Live4ever Presents… band Cucamaras have shared the second part of their new double A-side single.

Window Seat joins its predecessor Keep It Cool in the wider world, ‘a description of our mundane, everyday life which is characterised by overthinking’, according to bandmates Josh and Olly. “Blinds not blocking out the sun in the morning, news feeds getting us down and looking at things we can’t afford, but the track is also about remembering the good things like getting a window seat on a plane or when a pool table is free,” they continue.

In our introducing feature, Olly told us all about their current sound, describing it as being full of, ‘driven, urgent observations’. “Our lyrics come from what we’ve experienced first hand. We’re most comfortable when we’re performing together, so we wanted to capture the immediacy of a live set on Keep it Cool and Window Seat, mistakes and all.”

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