Two Door Cinema Club are streaming their Lost Songs (Found) EP

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club are streaming an EP of rarities including Tiptoes, a track originally written during the sessions for their debut album Tourist History.

“’Tiptoes was supposed to be on Tourist History but never made it,” the band explain. “Back in 2009 we could only afford two weeks in the studio to record and mix the album. We ran out of time and the half finished version of Tiptoes was lost, now all we have is this demo.”

Also included on Lost Songs (Found) are Not In This Town, Something Good Can Work, 19, Hands Off My Cash Monty, Impatience Is A Virtue and Too Much Coffee, making up an EP which is the first release from the band since last year’s False Alarm long player.

“In the modern pop world there are any number of approaches to tackle the problem of how you can evolve your music when hardly anyone seems to want to pay for it anymore,” our review reads.

“For some the temptation is to experiment, to push the boundaries of what’s associated with them (see the Arctic Monkeys), others have preferred collaborators to bring the new juice (see The National), whilst for Two Door Cinema Club the mantra has always revolved around the up or down sides of changing a winning formula.”

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