Nothing But Thieves premiere new single Is Everybody Going Crazy?

Nothing but Thieves

Nothing But Thieves had their new single Is Everybody Going Crazy? premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show yesterday.

The band’s first offering of fresh material since 2018’s What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way EP now has a lyric video up on YouTube, and was produced by Arctic Monkeys and Wolf Alice cohort Mike Crossey.

“There is a quiet sadness about the verses,” they say. “The character in the song doesn’t understand the world around themselves or relate to the people in it. What they once thought were the principles or morals they were meant to follow no longer seem to apply.”

“Others seem to revel in the lunacy. In a place like that, it makes you realise that you need something to hang onto, like an anchor. There are a few elements of escapism throughout the song, whether it is through another person, stealing a moment to switch off or changing their mentality.”

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