Lewsberg release In This House album preview At Lunch


Lewsberg are putting out their second album In This House on March 27th – it’s got a new preview today entitled At Lunch.

“At first listen, At Lunch appears to be a sweet and simple song,” says guitarist and vocalist Arie van Vliet. “But when you listen closely, there’s a world behind it. A world in which the late inspector Morse is still alive.”

“Whenever he needed help solving a murder investigation or a crossword puzzle, he reached for the bottle. It seemed to work, but at what price? Still, his decision to not choose happiness over anything else has always inspired me. You can kill people with kindness, or you can live a long and loveless life.”

“Morse understood, and he chose killers and crosswords. At Lunch is about how valuable it can be to decide to start drinking more. Not because of the amount of alcohol in your blood, but because of the decision. At the same time, At Lunch is about how valuable it can be to decide to stop drinking. Again: because of the decision. In the end, the song is about solving crossword puzzles.”

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