Pottery confirm release of debut album Welcome To Bobby’s Motel

Pottery by Luke Orlando

Pottery by Luke Orlando

Pottery have confirmed their debut album Welcome To Bobby’s Motel will be released on April 10th via Partisan Records.

A video for Texas Drums Pt I comes with the announcement as the album prepares to follow last year’s No.1 EP which was a part of Live4ever’s Best Of 2019 series; “George Harrison would be proud of the guitar licks on Lady Solinas, while The Craft once again channels the vaudeville nature of The Kinks but with an urgent tempo that is fortunately intermittent,” we said of it.

“It’s a fairground ride of a song. No-one, possibly the band least of all, can predict where these songs are going. All are opuses, but special mention must go to Worked Up which starts as a louche jam but descends into an overweight, bass driven epic. We go to for a quick jaunt around the world before ending up where we started for the last thirty seconds which recall the opening, but manage to sound nothing like which immediately comes before it. So immersive is the song that to come back around again is startling.”

Welcome To Bobby’s Motel tracklist:

Welcome To Bobby’s Motel
Hot Heater
Under the Wires
Bobby’s Forecast
Down in the Dumps
Texas Drums Pt I & II
NY Inn
What’s in Fashion
Take Your Time
Hot Like Jungle

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