Kim Gordon premieres video for No Home Record track Earthquake

Kim Gordon by Natalia Mantini

Natalia Mantini

Kim Gordon has returned to her debut solo album for another video collaboration with Loretta Fahrenholz.

“LA is a really voyeuristic city and you’re usually looking at things from a distance,” Gordon says. “When I was in New York I missed the space. And in LA there’s also that sense of impending doom, whether it’s fire season or actual earthquakes.”

“People adapt and everything becomes normalized. That’s what’s cool about the video. It shows people going about their business. People think of LA as quite a utopian place but really it’s sort of like a mirage.”

Earthquake is taken from No Home Record, its video described by Fahrenholz as being ‘kept simple’. “It made sense to just sit in a car, pressing the phone against the window while driving around, almost like a dash cam,” the director adds.

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