The Big Moon premiere new single Take A Piece

The Big Moon by Pooneh Ghana

Pooneh Ghana

The Big Moon have premiered their new single Take A Piece.

It’s another from the band’s next album Walking Like We Do, which will follow the Mercury-nominated debut Love In The 4th Dimension on January 10th next year. “I initially wrote this song for someone else, speculatively, but for a pop star,” Juliette Jackson says. “I’d already written an album’s worth of songs but a lot of them felt similar to our first album and I wanted to try something different.”

“I’d just watched a documentary about this pop star and seen how insane their life was and their intense relationship with their fans, and was blown away by how much of themselves they’d had to give up to have the life they had.”

“So that’s where the lyrics came from really. It was a bit of a turning point in the writing process… like sometimes you have to pretend to be someone else to change things up and say things in ways you didn’t know you could.”

“This mega pop star’s life was literally nothing like mine but I could really identify with the vulnerability of being a performer and standing on stage every night and feeling the eyes of an audience, which can feel either grounding and unifying or – occasionally – scary and isolating, and something any performer can identify with, whether they’re playing arenas or the windmill.”

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