New Music Friday: Stereophonics – Kind


New Music Friday has seen the release of Stereophonics‘ latest album Kind. Check it out on Live4ever via Spotify.

The band’s eleventh studio album was something of a surprise for frontman Kelly Jones, who hadn’t been expecting any new material to quickly follow the conclusion of their campaign behind 2017’s Scream Above The Sounds.

“Our last gig of the world tour was September 2018, in Brooklyn – I was done, had written no songs, nothing new, I thought I felt like quitting for a while,” he said.

“Then by November I had a load of songs that just came through me, lyrics just filling up pages, no crossings out, complete songs formed. They became a very open and to be honest, bunch of really vulnerable songs about things I hadn’t quite worked out for myself, the songs began to inform me how I was feeling.”

“I didn’t know, or really mind if others wanted to hear them or like them, I just needed to get them out of me. So when it came to an album, I wanted to just capture honest performances of them and we recorded the album in just 11 days.”

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