Snoop Dogg offers up Let Bygones Be Bygones from I Wanna Thank Me album

I Wanna Thank Me

Snoop Dogg‘s got an olive branch or two to offer on the latest track from his upcoming seventeenth studio album I Wanna Thank Me.

Let Bygones Be Bygones lays more groundwork before the album’s release on August 16th. It’s one Snoop has already told Billboard is being eyed up for a prominent role in his live show. “That’s a real musical song, very musical,” he said.

“Where I’ll probably have a proper band up there playing the musical pieces and give it an array of sound that normally you don’t see in a hip-hop show.”

“Certain producers I work with, I get different shit out of and then certain energies that I project when I’m looking for certain projects, but at the same time, if it’s good music, everybody gonna understand it and they gonna get it,” he said in the same interview. “And if your voice is on right, you’re saying the right thing, you got the right people that’s listening, the ears are gonna be open for whatever you deliver.”

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