Live4ever’s New Tunes Guide feat. Transistors, Sean Flinn & The Royal We and more


New Tunes Guide highlights this week come from New Zealand band Transistors and Portland’s Sean Flinn & The Royal We.

Transistors‘ new single ‘Professional’ is taken from their ‘Is This Anything’ album. With tongue firmly placed in cheek, the band have said in a statement: “We are a professional band. This is us being professional at a professionally organised show attended by industry professionals.”

Sean Flinn formed The Royal We in 2010 after spending time on the Portland music scene with the likes of Y La Bamba, Nick Jaina, and Jolie Holland. After a rotating cast of band members, the line-up eventually settled with Adam Mack on drums, Arthur C. Lee on guitar/keys and Richard Bennett on bass. The album ‘The Lost Weekend’ was released earlier this month.

To celebrate another month of great music, the Live4ever Ezine is very excited to partner with Manchester’s Ei8htball to offer one lucky reader a new pair of their EX811 in-earphones! Once you’ve been through this week’s tracks, check out all the competition details below.

New Tunes Guide Highlight


Robin Romei

Lucky Elephant

Ben McKelvey

New Tunes Guide Highlight

Sean Flinn & The Royal We


Table Scraps

Duke Evers

The Mercy Beat

The Bots



It’s all about the sound really.

The skitter of a drum machine, the romance of the 808 kicking “Manchester” into life, the howling feedback that links The Who to Jesus And the Mary Chain…to Napalm Death, the jangle that stretches from the Beatles to Arctic Monkeys, the soul groove that pulls back from Alex Turner’s Sheffield lads to Marvin Gaye and rebounds to Robin Thicke.

What you need is something that can handle all of those sounds. Something that will cope with whatever mood you’re in. Something that will be true to what you need to hear.

ei8htball. It’s all in your head.

To enter our giveaway contest, check our twitter feed at @live4ever_ezine AND RETWEET OUR NEW TUNES GUIDE EI8HTBALL CONTEST TWEETS . We will pick one lucky winner by August 1. Good luck!

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