Blood Red Shoes to release self-titled album in March


Steve Glashier

Blood Red Shoes release their self-titled fourth album on March 3rd 2014, and you can get a brief taste of what’s to come via Soundcloud below.

The album has been produced and recorded by bandmates Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell in Berlin, while mixing was undertaken by John Agnello.

“For this album we packed up all our stuff, got in a van and drove to Berlin, where we lived for months in a rented studio space,” explains Steve. “No producer, no engineer, no A&R people, just us two in a big concrete room in Kreuzberg, jamming and recording our songs whenever we wanted, how we wanted with nobody to answer to except ourselves. It came out as our rawest, heaviest, sexiest and most confident sounding record so far.”

‘Blood Red Shoes’ tracklist:

‘Welcome Home’
‘Everything All At Once’
‘An Animal’
‘Grey Smoke’
‘Far Away’
‘The Perfect Mess’
‘Behind a Wall’
‘Speech Coma’
‘Don’t Get Caught’
‘Cigarettes In The Dark’

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