Paul McCartney Lays Blame For Beatles Split On John Lennon

beatlesSir Paul McCartney has refuted long-standing claims that his actions were a primary reason for The Beatles‘ split in 1970, and revealed John Lennon was the main instigator behind ending their unrivalled 10-year plus career.

The reissue of his ‘McCartney‘ solo album has once again raised questions surrounding the final months of the legendary band, with McCartney’s insistence on releasing the album at the time cited as one of the main causes of friction between the four members at the time, as well as his own alleged desire for main control of the Apple company.

Blame for the split is also often laid on the relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and McCartney, during an interview with Absolute Radio, has claimed while Lennon’s relationship may not have been a problem with his band mates, it did lead to Lennon finally wanting to walk away from The Beatles.

“Basically me, George and Ringo said ‘Does this have to be final, could we do a couple of gigs or can we think about this tomorrow?’, but John was off with Yoko and he was saying ‘No, no, it’s great, I feel a release’ and all that. So that was kind of final,” said McCartney.

Expanded editions of ‘McCartney’ and ‘McCartney II‘ were released this week.

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